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For any enquiries and to book,

please enter your details in the contact form below or send an email to

Every animal is different and therefore has different needs.

I am happy to help you decide which option is suited best for your furry or feathery friend. 


Animal Communication

You can choose between

a 30 minute animal communication, as I like to call it

'a checking in'

with your animal to see if they are happy and if they

currently need anything,


a more

'in depth' animal communication, 

that might offer insights

into behavioral challenges

you might experience or to deepen your connection with your

furry friend. 

Animal Communication

from $75 NZD

~3 questions

Energy Balancing & Animal Communication Combo

A great package deal to combine animal communication with energy balancing. 

A bit more complex and great for behavioral issues, fear anxiety and any ongoing behaviours. 

This includes initial animal communication, energy clearing and rebalancing of chakras and a 'checking in' after the energy work is completed.

Please note, energy balancing is not a substitute for veterinarian care. Always contact a licensed veterinarian for medical care.

Animal Communication

& Energy Balancing

$170 NZD

~3- 5 questions

Spirit Animal Communication

Animal Communication

with your beloved animal that has crossed over the rainbow bridge. 

A truly beautiful way

to help you on your road of

 closure and to help the animal in spirit to release any messages they might have for you. 

Please allow at least one hour. 

Spirit Animal Communication

$140 NZD

~3- 5 questions

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Image by Joe Caione

How does it work?

All animal communications are done remotely.

They can assist you and your animal to live a better life together and deepen your connection. 

Firstly, please fill in the contact form below or email me. 
I will then let you know any further steps and what I might require from you. 

Generally, I only need a recent photo of your animal

with good visibility of the eyes,

the animals name

and your questions that you would like to ask. 

The results of a communication will be sent through via email

or can be discussed over the phone/ via zoom. 

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