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Energy Channels Course

Course Overview

Every person and lifeform, including animals, have five basic energy channels.

An intuitive, empathic and environmental channel as well as

a telepathic and mediumship channel.

We are all empaths to some degree and level,

however some people might have their channels wide open whilst others

might have blocks in there somewhere. Certain people can sense

other people’s emotions and are lovingly called ‘empaths’.

Often times it can be very difficult for empaths to live a ‘normal’ day to day life, as they pick up on numerous feelings around them. It could be the anxiety from their co- worker or the unsettling feeling because of a storm that is approaching. Environmental energies can easily be picked up as well and you might find yourself feeling a bit unwell perhaps if it is overly windy outside.

Empaths often pick up emotions from their surroundings and

if that wouldn’t be enough already,

they often make those very emotions their own.

They take them on and live through them.


A good example here is anxiety.

A sudden oncome of a fear that has never before been prevalent.

A fear of driving for example when there is no reason to be fearful and

there hasn’t been an actual event from the past

that would suggest such fear in the future.

Was it a friend that mentioned they had an accident recently and

since then they are afraid of driving?

Did you perhaps feel very sorry for this person and could you actually feel

the anxiety from that person?

You might have just taken it all onboard because you are such a good friend.

But when is being a good friend, too much?

When it impacts YOUR own life.. then it is time to change!


This course covers everything from how to switch your channels on and off

and to work with them on a daily basis,

as well as how to connect in with your spirit gate keeper guide,

who is helping you to shut your gate when you are done with visitors and people coming in perhaps.

Take control of your energy field and energy channels.

It is your free will to do so.


We will also touch on the mediumship channel and of course my favourite,

the telepathic channel.

Energy Channels Course including intuitive development and ascension and higher self and soul work
Course Details: 

  • The Energy Channels Course starts on Tuesday 13th of February, 7:30pm NZ time

       and continues every tuesday

       for the month of february. 

  • 3 live session about 90 minutes each

  • Activation meditations will be sent prior to the course starting.

  • Small group sessions of maximum 8 people. 

  • Price to be paid prior to course starting to confirm your attendance.

  • Two options are available. 

       $188 NZD per person single payment

       or $65 NZD 3 weekly instalment/ 

       3 weeks total

    If you would like to sign up, simply fill in

    the contact form on my website

    or email me directly on


     I look forward to seeing you there! 

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