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Intuitive Communication Journey

Special LAUNCH Price *
- limited spaces
- ends tuesday 21st May 2024
Course Overview

If you are a beginner or a practitioner,

this course will help you to enhance your intuitive communication skills

and help you to ensure you are always in a neutral space when tuning in.

This will allow you to build up confidence in your daily practise

and help you in times when your mind or your collective conscious

want to get busy and barge into your sacred space with doubts and fears.

We will also cover sovereignty and how important it is

to be in a sovereign state to allow communications to flow,

be that with your main guide, your gatekeeper, an animal

or a loved one that has crossed over and has a message for you.


You might have clairaudient or clairvoyant abilities already

but you can’t seem to get a steady flow of information coming in?

Or you might be receiving information constantly,

even when you are on holiday?

This course will also cover your energy channels

and how we can switch them on and off and how we can quite easily

set boundaries with our gatekeeper guide, to keep us safe and secure

at all times.

Did you know that your main guide has been with you since you were born?

They know everything about you and also have an overview

of your soul plan and purpose.

They are here to guide you towards your purpose

and to help you in any way they can.

They always work in your Highest Interest. This is something very important, because you, as a human, might want to jump the queue

and move to the end goal, but remember that the journey is the destination.


Since this course is all about communicating with everything around us

in the visible and hidden realms, you will also learn to tune in

with herbs in your garden, to gain herbal knowledge

as well as learn to activate and work with crystals, ensuring that

they are carry their full healing purposes and properties.

Not one week will be the same as the other and I am very excited to share this knowledge with you and to help you move up the frequency ladder,

in order to receive audible and visual communications.

This course will also help you, to practise mindfulness and to work with your kundalini for an even deeper connection.

Course Details: 

  • The Intuitive Communication Journey starts on 21st of May7:30 pm NZ time

       and continues every tuesday

       for 5 weeks 

  • 5 live session about 90 minutes long

  • Small group sessions of maximum 8 people 

  • Price to be paid prior to course starting to confirm your attendance

  • Two options are available:

       $244 NZD per person single payment

          (regular price if booked on or after                                             22.05.2024)

       or $83 NZD 3 weekly instalment

    If you would like to sign up, simply fill in

    the contact form on my website

    or email me directly on


     I look forward to seeing you there! 

Special LAUNCH Price * only valid until 21 May 2024

$188 NZD total
or $65 NZD in 3 weekly instalments
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